Last updated general location: Isaac Region, QLD

Sacred and Sorrow Tattoo Rockhampton QLD: October 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

*stay tuned for future guest spot announcements*


During my big trip around Australia, I will occasionally be making stops to work at various tattoo studio locations along the journey. Keep an eye on my social media and website for updates on where we’re headed next.

As we roll into new areas, I’ll connect with local studios and set up guest spots, providing you the chance to get tattooed during my stay. When it’s time to take bookings, I will share all the necessary details for securing an appointment.

Just a heads up, time will be short at each location, so slots will be limited. I’m focusing on my signature full-colour illustrative and neo-traditional designs, but occasionally, I might dabble in other styles too. See some examples here.

If you miss out of a spot, keep an eye on my Instagram stories and posts, or better yet, sign up for my upcoming newsletter (stay tuned for that!) for a chance to seize any unexpected openings that arise.

I am only able to accommodate bookings during announced guest spot periods. Due to the unpredictable nature of overland travel, I am unable to handle bookings in advance for other locations. The booking form will remain closed for submissions until I have announced dates for a guest spot.

If you have a suggestion or request for a place I should visit, drop a comment on my news post.
And if you want to follow our journey, hop over to our Rusty Truck Adventures instagram page.



Submit a booking enquiry for Sacred & Sorrow tattoo in Rockhampton for October 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

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✦ Please aim for a description that is both detailed and concise.
✦ Descriptions more than 600 words may become challenging to interpret effectively.
✦ Rule of thumb, stick to 1 - 3 elements.
✦ Include colours you like or dislike.
✦ Binomial/cultivar names for plants/animals can be very helpful in addition to common names (that may describe multiple species).
✦ If this tattoo is for a rework or a coverup please include details.
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    You can draw an outline with a pen where you imagine the tattoo will be. (This photo is not needed for small tattoos)
✦ For cover ups, include a photograph of the entire existing tattoo including the area around it.

Also SUPER helpful!
✦ Your own drawing/scribble if you feel your design idea is difficult to describe. This doesn't need to be perfect.
✦ Pictures of drawings, art or tattoos that closely resemble what you want.
✦ Any examples to further illustrate your chosen subject matter or style of artwork.

(!) If you have trouble uploading, try limiting the amount of pictures you are uploading. You can always add more in your replies. If nothing is working at all, tick the box below and send the form through without pictures.

Once you receive a reply to your email you may attach your files via standard email attachment in your next message.