Please understand that because I am leaving Brisbane after June, I am going to have to be a bit conservative with how far I book ahead, to make sure I can get all pieces finished before I leave. I am not sure if I will be able to open the books again before I leave. Clients with half finished pieces (ie outlined, yet to be coloured) will be given first priority and don’t need to wait for books to open to book in. Second priority will be given to clients in the Brisbane & surrounds area first. If you are interstate I recommend hanging out until I travel to your area as I intend on visiting every state.

I am currently tattooing at Southtown Tattoo, that has taken over the space of my former studio With Love Tattoo. Same location, different management, name an a brand new look.

I have raised my rates for 2023 to $200 p/h to cover rising costs of inflation and to bring me in line with the industry standard for a tattoo artist with 10+ years experience.



I open my books periodically for a set period of time. When I open my books, the submission form will be available on this page for a week. Due to the volume of submissions received, I cannot guarantee an appointment for everyone. Sorry I wish I could fit everyone in 🙁

My rate is $200 an hour and I book either either half day sessions ($600) or full day sessions ($1000 – $1200)
All bookings require a $200 deposit. Please read the deposit terms here.

It is not first come, first served. I read through all submissions and select projects based on what excites me the most. What I love to tattoo most is (but not limited to) larger scale neo-traditional botanicals & fauna in colour or negative blackwork. I work best when I am given the subject, a little direction and some freedom to run with what I feel will work for the design and placement. Check the FAQ page for more information of what I look for when I choose what to take on, to help you maximise you chances of getting your design picked.

Also keep an eye on my Instagram where I post any last minute availabilities that come up. I can often be more flexible with design then.

Travel notice: I will be leaving Brisbane in mid 2023 to travel a lap of Australia. We’re not sure exactly when that will be or where we are headed first, we’ll be making that up as we go. If would like to suggest a destination near you, please leave a comment on my news post.


My books are open!. Starting Monday 27th Feb. The form will remain here on the website for one week before submissions close. Please allow a couple of weeks for a response after the bookings close.
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