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Fill out this form to book in a tattoo. Answering these questions will give me all the information I need to create your design.

Please note: All tattoo appointments require a deposit to be paid before they will be booked in.
$50 deposit for small tattoos and up to $200 deposit for a full day session.

Tattoo Booking Form
In five words or less e.g. Kookaburra on Eucalyptus
Be sure to include any specifics:
✦ Colours you like or dislike.
✦ Dates & Names. (Double check that name spelling and dates are correct!)
- Please note: I can't redesign to fit names or dates in if it isn't stated in the initial email.
✦ If this tattoo is for a rework or a coverup please include details.
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Where would you like your tattoo placed on your body?
Measurement in centimetres please eg. 5 x 3 cm
Use a ruler or tape measure on your body to work this out.
Please don't write 'small' or 'medium' as this is too ambiguous!
Maximum upload size: 25MB
Please include
✦ Any reference photos you may have (limit of 25mb)
✦ Pictures of drawings, art or tattoos that closely resemble what you want.
✦ If you are after a cover up, include a photograph of the entire existing tattoo including the area around it.

Also SUPER helpful!
✦ A photo of the area you would like to get your tattoo. Because everyone's bodies are not the same! This helps me draw the tattoo to the right shape. Especially important for arms. You can draw a rough outline in pen of how big you imagine the tattoo will be.
✦ Your own drawing/scribble if you feel your design idea is difficult to describe. This doesn't need to be perfect.
✦ Any examples to further illustrate your chosen subject matter or style of artwork.

(!) If you have trouble uploading, try limiting the amount of pictures you are uploading. You can always add more in your replies. If nothing is working at all, tick the box below and send the form through without pictures.

Once I reply to your email you may attach your files via standard email attachment in your next message.

Too easy!