Can’t get into the studio to pay your deposit? Or want to speedily secure a particular appointment time we have discussed before someone else does? You can now pay your deposit here through the website!

Deposit Terms: 

All tattoo bookings with Drea require a minimum $50 deposit for small tattoos and up to $200 for longer sessions (+ the square online processing fee of 2.2%) .

Appointments are not booked into the calendar until payment is received in order to avoid double bookings and unfulfilled reservations.

The deposit is not an extra cost. While it does serves as a booking fee, this amount is deducted from the total cost of your tattoo on the day of your appointment, or from the last session for ongoing work. Deposits are non-refundable.

The purpose of the deposit is to protect both your time and your tattoo artist’s time. Once a design has been agreed upon and you have paid the deposit, your appointment time is secured and is no longer available to other clients.

As tattoo artists work on a commission only basis and rely entirely on their clients showing up to make an income, the deposit is held by the artist as surety. This is to cover the admin costs, time, labour and materials that go into preparing your design.

If you fail to show up, or re-schedule your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit is forfeit to compensate for the tattoo artist’s time spent consulting with you, booking your appointment, designing your tattoo and the loss of income during the time that was scheduled for your appointment, as artist are not always able to fill these vacancies on short notice.

Please get in contact if something changes, you are starting to feel sick or you are not able to make it in. This ensures the artist has the opportunity to fill the appointment by offering that time to another client who may be waiting to get tattooed. With sufficient notice the deposit may be transferred to another date.


Click here to send through a tattoo deposit

You will instantly receive a receipt via your supplied email to confirm your payment. Drea will receive one as well. If you do not get an email, your payment may not have gone through. Please get in touch if you have any troubles.

You will also receive a confirmation via text message during business hours once your booking has been added to the calendar.