We Raised $5,830! With Love Tattoo Flash Day for Salisbury State School.

My flash for the With Love Valentines Flash Day, Australian themed, of course.

Saturday the 11th of February With Love Tattoo held a valentines themed flash day at With Love Tattoo with all proceeds donated to the local Salisbury State School.

Malika, Mitch, Jesse and myself pre-prepared an A3 sheet of small flash designs for flash day customers to choose from. Along with these we had a small sheet of little designs. For those who didn’t want a tattoo we had a big raffle of goodies donated by local businesses in the area.

Come flash day we had a line up out the door! Mitch and Malika were booked out in a few minutes. I ended up tattooing a couple of Mitch’s designs because of this which I found fun and quite the learning experience as I don’t usually tattoo straight traditional. Jesse was incredibly helpful suggesting traditional colours to me. Turns out traditional is a lot harder than your think. At least for my brain that is all about detailed designs and lots of colour blends. It was a huge and humbling learning curve.

After I punched out a couple of Mitch’s flash designs I tattooed two of my willy wag tails on the ribs, minus the heart and ribbon as it was for a bloke. I ended the day with a couple of the little designs for some lovely ladies who waited very patiently for their turn.

To hear at the end of a good 12 hours of tattooing that we had raised just under $6000 was hella rewarding!


The funds raised will be going toward air-conditioning for the school classrooms. I was shocked to learn that Queensland state schools have the same budget for air-conditioning as the southern, more cooler states. Anyone local to Queensland knows how brutal and humid our summers can be, and being stuck with sweat to a plastic chair in a 40 degree classroom doesn’t make for ideal learning conditions. I know, as I went through that myself! (I wonder if my grades would have been better with aircon? Hah … probably.)

Many thanks to Mike and Chloe for helping on the counter. Also a big thanks to the many local businesses who supported the event. Shout out to Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies, Mark Ward Property, Feeling Peachy, Few & Far Collective, Death Before DecafĀ &Ā Salisbury Barbers.

Last but not least thank you to everyone who came and got a tattoo, bought a raffle ticket and helped spread the word!
I Ā have lots of designs on my flash sheet I would still love to tattoo. If you are interested in a cute little Australian design please sendĀ me a message through my enquiry page.

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