BOOKING SYSTEM, please read.

My books are currently closed. Thank you for your interest in my work. I will reopen the books for Summer 2022 (December/January/February) at the end of October. The booking form will appear on this page then. In the meantime, keep an eye on my Instagram page as I will post any cancellation spots that come up on there. When I open my books, the submission form will be available on this page for a week.

I open my books seasonally (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). Due to the volume of submissions received, I cannot guarantee an appointment for everyone, but will do my best to get everyone with like-minded ideas in over time.

It is not first come, first served. I read through all submissions and select projects based on the projects that excite me the most. I am most inspired by (but not limited to) larger scale neo-traditional botanicals & fauna. I work best when I am given the subject, a little direction and some freedom to run with what I feel will work for the design and placement.

Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an appointment in a booking round, as you can always submit again the next round. Check the FAQ page for more information of what I look for when I choose what to take on, to help you maximise you chances of getting your design picked.

Also keep an eye on my Instagram where I post any last minute availabilities that come up. I can often be more flexible with design then.

Travel notice: I will be leaving Brisbane in April 2023 to travel a lap of Australia. If you would like to suggest a destination near you, please leave a comment on my news post.

Formidable form (in square brackets) formidable id=”7″ My books are open!. Starting Saturday 30th July. The form will remain here on the website for one week before submissions close. Please allow a couple of weeks for a response after the bookings close. [/formidable id="7"]