This booking page specifically to take submissions/ design details for dates I have advertised (cancellations, reschedules, last minute spots etc) or for booking a date I may have discussed with you personally. Please note the cancellation spot/date you are after in the availability field.

Please DO NOT fill out this form if you are seeking a date other than the ones I have either advertised or discussed with you personally. I will open up the bookings on the booking page when I am ready to take bookings further out. Because I am a one woman show who has to work in email admin around tattooing, I made this page so that I do not get overwhelmed. Thank you for your understanding.

All tattoo appointments require a $200 deposit to be paid before they will be booked in to my calendar.

My rate as of 2023 is $200 p/h and I usually book 3 hour or 6 hour spots. I can do 4 hour spots on most Tuesdays.

This form is currently closed for submissions.