This booking page specifically to take submissions/ design details for dates I have advertised (cancellations, reschedules, last minute spots etc) or for booking a date I may have discussed with you personally. Please note the cancellation spot/date you are after in the availability field.

Tattoo appointments require a $200 deposit to be paid before they will be booked in to my calendar. My hourly rate as of 2023 is $200 p/h.

Short Notice Submission Form
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In five words or less e.g. Possum with Wattle
✦ Aim to be as concise and direct as possible.
- Overly-complicated & long-winded descriptions in excess of 600 words become difficult for me to decipher.
✦ Rule of thumb, stick to 1 - 3 elements. (unless it's a full sleeve/back, then there is room for more!)
✦ Include colours you like or dislike.
✦ Binomial/cultivar names for plants/animals can be very helpful in addition to common names (that may describe multiple species).
✦ If this tattoo is for a rework or a coverup please include details.
Where would you like your tattoo placed on your body?
Measurement in centimetres please eg. 12 x 20cm
Use a ruler or tape measure on your body to work this out.
Please don't write 'small' or 'medium' as this is too ambiguous!

Maximum file size: 25MB

Please include
✦ Any reference photos you may have (limit of 25mb) (jpg, jpeg, png, gif files)
✦ A photo of the area you would like to get your tattoo. This helps me draw the tattoo to the right shape for your body.
    You can draw an outline with a pen where you imagine the tattoo will be. (This photo is not needed for small tattoos)
✦ For cover ups, include a photograph of the entire existing tattoo including the area around it.

Also SUPER helpful!
✦ Your own drawing/scribble if you feel your design idea is difficult to describe. This doesn't need to be perfect.
✦ Pictures of drawings, art or tattoos that closely resemble what you want.
✦ Any examples to further illustrate your chosen subject matter or style of artwork.

(!) If you have trouble uploading, try limiting the amount of pictures you are uploading. You can always add more in your replies. If nothing is working at all, tick the box below and send the form through without pictures.

Once you receive a reply to your email you may attach your files via standard email attachment in your next message.